Our Story


Cesar Hasselmann started his first business when he was just thirteen years old – running a small DJ business.
Starting with his father old gear till managing 5 parties and 3 extra DJ’s at the same weekend. At 16 his friend business
partner got really sick and died at the age of 18. By consequence Cesar has lost the desire to keep working on
the company and chose to stop as well.

In the time that’s since passed, he’s witnessed countless businesses succeed, and others fail. After cornering several
industries and building a 120 employees company from the ground up having as client, Coca Cola, Pepsico,
Olgyvy, Maccan Ericson, TIM Mobile, Vodafone, Oi Telecommunication, BR Petrol and Gas & Distribution, Petrobras Oil & Gas, Embelleze Cosmetics and Hairdressing products and services, Nivea Creams, Pfizer, Martin Andersons, social projects and many others global
brands abroad, he has started to help many businesses in Australia at a time when it was said to be impossible, his
talents became apparent.

After helping others succeed in multiple industries – with incredible results – he began to branch out and help small, medium business owners achieve the same success he had. That’s when AMH Consultancy was born. After that, our workshops and retreats based on team development and business owners training became Biz Breakthrough. BB is the special arm from Cesar Hasselmann group, who looks after deliver a great training and content with 3 to 12 months implementation support to allow business owner's and entrepreneur like you to really take advantage from our content. If you want to know more about our next events, click on the link and enjoy. We will be delighted in seeing you on our next event