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Cesar Hasselmann is a Mentor of the Queensland Government Mentoring for Growth (M4G) Program. We are available to provide support including financial mentoring and business planning to impacted small businesses.
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The Life Break Through

After many years of helping business owners to have a better business and a much better life and relationship with their partners, wife’s husband by consequence, one of my clients wife, has asked me a
question: Have you never thought about writing about what you do to help more people?. After that day my brain was always reminding me about that question and If I was about to start that journey, I need to be
myself, simple, direct and under my “Cesar Language”. This is the way my clients say. I have my own way to say things. I believe this shows a bit why I delivery high results as well. Because I am not the usual
consulting, coaching or mentor. I am committed to your personal and professional results as much as I am with your financial results. Enough about me. Let’s talk about what brought you here: The Life Breakthrough
Book. Our little pocket book to help you to open your eyes for a better life journey.
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AMH Consultancy

Whether you’re looking for general advice, professionals to
oversee a company restructuring, or are looking into expanding
your operations, you’ve arrived at the right place.
We have a passion for identifying opportunities and delivering
creative solutions and results across industries. With more than
24 years of experience in business strategy, acquisitions,
succession planning, market share, team building, sales,
marketing, and business development, we specialise in helping
clients enjoy the best success they can by doing more with
what they have.
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Biz Breakthrough

My goal is to empower passionate, ambitious business owners to have it all: a profitable, sustainable business AND a fulfilling personal life.

When you join Biz Breakthrough, you’ll get a full year of personalized support, accountability and guidance directly from me and my team!  There’s literally nothing like this in the industry… until NOW!
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  • On Line Workshops
  • On Line Master Class
  • Local Day Workshop
  • Thunderbird Park
  • Local Retreads
  • Versace GC
  • International Master Retreats 
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